About us

United Five is a clothing line dedicated to creating products of superior quality and Substance and meaning not only to us but too you as well. We intend to capture the true spirit of our culture and heritage of Latin Americans and people of multi ethnic groups. This is the true clothing line that runs All-City and reminds you of “back in the days”; when Hip-Hop was fun, Graffiti was art and the old school was the new school.

We are all products of our environment and have great pride of our up-bringing, back grounds and history. We all share the same sense of camaraderie toward are neighbors, town, city and familiar everyday surroundings. At United Five we want to project these things in our clothes.

All t-shirts are screen printed by hand and have an urban feel but with a trendy slim fit. Our t-shirts bring a Hip-Hop, Graffiti, Pop Culture mix that merge vintage shirts with an urban stlye.